Blockchain you never seen before

Your reason to participate in biggest and most ambitious blockchain project is right here


No waiting for conformation, no mining fees. All transactions are instant and free. Being a non-linear blockchain system, which utilize revolution user-node chain principle gives us an opportunity to overcome any network congestion. Now two users are directly connected to each other while performing a transaction. NPay is a truly peer-to-peer platform.

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Heart of our ecosystem is mobile wallet application. It gives access to all functions of our project and is the only wallet that can interact with NPay blockchain Our project combines the most popular and advanced services in crypto world, so you don’t need a different wallet for each of them anymore.

We would like our user to have the most amazing blockchain experience ever. To achieve it we focusing on developing one of the most intuitive UI on the market specifically designed to interact with our system.

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While being fast and convenient our system continues to be decentralized at the highest possible level. Usage of decentralized computing power combined with AI algorithms and our exclusive open monitoring solutions as well as exclusive community interaction, no project used before, makes our system one of the most transparent ever created.

All this, in line with closed-cycle blockchain and use of high degree protection and fraud prevention protocols, make any attack on our network not only high cost and ineffective but what more important, meaningless.

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