Functions Better

Control over safety protocols

Optimizing computing power usage

Cluster interconnection

Combining every bit of data into one flow, our Ai makes your transactions and smart contracts more fast, convenient and secure everyday. Its analyzing every interaction with our blockchain to make each next task more productive than before.

With capability to analyze and learn your regular activities it can detect unauthorized spending’s, attempts to access account, loss of control on the node, physically forced transactions or private key entry, and many other malicious actions. Because of complexly our system we need a tool which is able to arrange interactions of all its parts and this is exactly what NPay Ai do.

Ultimate Goal Ultimate

Right interpretation of decentralization

No interference

Self regulated

Self evolving

To achieve success in job, you should have a clear goal of what you want to build. While the majority of companies are committed to simple goals, trying to hide its nature under shiny wrap of modern system with great functionality, they miss what they should really been doing and flood crypto space with useless coins. Our goal is more progressive. Our project is a great path to new type of blockchain system.

NPay is creating not another typical payment platform, but much bigger. From the first launch of mainnet focus of our team will be to train NPay Ai to a level where it will not need human interference anymore. Our ultimate goal is to create an ecosystem that is able to function, protect, and expand all by itself. Autonomous, self-governed system eliminates any human factor and malicious use.

No censorship, no trust issues, no control over network by a group of people whom you do not know, like or trust fundamentally and forever.