User-Node system Full

When your funds are truly yours

Direct control over node

Ultra-lightweight chain

Revolutionary idea of user-node system architecture helps us to create completely new type of blockchain ecosystem. With tight connection to wallet application and our Ai we can deliver functions not possible before. Within this system each user controls its own node that helps him to maintain all his transactions and smart-contracts. Node itself consists from Personal Virtual Machine (PVM) and block transaction chain. PVM helps to maintain smart-contracts and creates new transaction blocks within node. Transaction blocks store information only about one transaction, this makes blocks light-weight and makes it easier for PVM to confirm this blocks within Mother Virtual Machine(MVM).

DAN OS Graph

Expanding possibility of acyclic graph system

Instant transaction

Unlimited bandwidth

Adapting to user growth

All nodes are stored and operates inside MVM. Main function of MVM is to establish a fast connection between nodes so they can perform transaction and allow PVM to create new blocks inside nodes that participate in transaction. We took well known direct acyclic graph technology and used it to design what we call a DAN OS or Direct Acyclic Node Operating System. Graphs are well known for their ability to easily scale as more users join the network. In line with our lightweight nodes NPay system is able to achieve instant transactions and nearly unlimited bandwidth.

Advantages Potential

Cares about whole blockchain world

Cross-chain transactions

Boosts adoption of major cryptocurrencies

Easy of usage

New technologies brings new advantages. Within NPay system we can create an ecosystem full not only of increased and advanced functionality but completely new features. Some of them are cross-chain transactions. This allows one user to send bitcoin to Etherum address of another user. While receiving party can choose how to receive this funds, in Bitcoin or Etherum. This is only possible if both users are using NPay system, but still is a great step forward in direct cross-chain transaction.

IoT possibilities Blockchain
of Things

Node for nearly any device


IoT nodes interconection

Modularity of our system makes it perfect candidate for future integration in to internet of things market. User can create a sub-node and allocate it to nearly any IoT capable device. He can set it to do regular transactions or use our Ai functions so sub-node can act independently. You can create an account for your kids and take control of their spending and much more. In recent years internet of things market has shown that integration with blockchain will be its logical evolution.