Fundamental Coin Backed
with BTC

Payment solution to boost all crypto market

BTC as collateral asset

Expanding BTC (and other major crypto) adoption

Free to be audit by every user

Thanks to our system structure ncoin is highly secured and fast, but we want it to be something more, we want it to be fundamental. Among most projects only bitcoin managed to gain some fundamental value, it is gold in crypto world. But similar to physical gold it is hard to pay comfortably with Bitcoin, especially with daily transaction which for most people don’t exceed 30USD and must be done instantly. Users convert bitcoin to ncoin and can use them for everyday payments, while bitcoin still act as storage of value.

Ncoin can be anytime swapped back to the proportional amount of bitcoin. This model helps to overcome bitcoin network congestion problem in a new radical way, while still helping achieve a wider adoption. Any manipulation is excluded as collateral address is an open bitcoin address so anyone can see how much BTC is stored there and compare to the amount of ncoin issued. Bitcoin to ncoin convert ratio will be weekly updated to keep ncoin comfortable payment method in case of sudden rise or fall in bitcoin price.

Transparency Community

Unreachable level of token holders influence on project

Curator program

Token holders voting

Possibility to choose actual team management

Regular updates on social media, inside look at offices and facilities, up to date information on development progress and company registered in not some kind of offshore. That what you want to hear from a project you invest in or just following.

Unfortunately, most crypto-companies fail to do so, and we really don’t know why they abandon their community which is a major drive force for any project. But we are different, and mainly because our community is always inside our project. We are the first project that gives to the community not only regular trips to our sites with “Curator” program but also a possibility to choose members of directors board through token voting. All this is to increase a level of transparency and set up a new standard for all future projects.

DNA Heritage Heredity

One of the easiest and secure way to transfer your funds by will

DNA backed

Smart-contract based

Any number of heir possible

Only a small number of projects have heritage functions, only we have solid safe DNA based smart heritage contract.

Being transferred to machine readable code, your DNA data is included into a smart contrac t, which in combination with our Ai activates this smart contract after detecting that user has passed away. Detection of death is done through monitoring public necrologue, having an inactive node for a predetermined time period, or multi-sign conformation from predetermined accounts.