Unique Better
than pocket

New level of interaction with your funds

New concept of UI

Revolutionary features

The top of security, practicality and speed

Being specifically designed to work with high-performance cryptocurrencies our wallet takes the meaning of “wallet app” to completely next level. Most of our functions have never been seen in the crypto world before, and our team is proud that NPay wallet will become their landing site. No company has tried to deliver such unique, safe and practical wallet before.

Safe Pentagon
security level

Your crypto funds secured like nowhere else

Capable to interact with most of known tokens

Encrypted security enclave

Biometrical private keys

NPay wallet takes crypto security to new height’s. It is capable to interact with nearly any tokens and become your ultimate crypto storage. Having special security enclave which is encoded to work with only your physical device gives a possibility to securely store any private key offline, making your phone or tablet most comfortable cold storage you ever saw. Even more exciting is that as a part of our ecosystem it transforms your biometrical data into your private key, so you don’t longer need to store it elsewhere. All you need to do is to remember your 4-digit PIN which in combination with your biometrical data forms your private key.

Scalable Any
business now

Designed to work with company of any scale

Convenient financial flow management

Suitable for any business

Payment terminal extension for merchants

Designed help everyone. Small business or international corporation, everyone can use our wallet. It’s multi-platform architecture and possibility to track execution of smart contracts from other blockchains gives to management team a powerful analytical tool. If you are a small business you can improve convenience of your financial flow by taking it all to one secure place no matter which cryptocurrencies your accepting, our wallet will help you with that. Merchants payment terminal app, helps more businesses to start accepting cryptocurrency payments in modern and secure way.